Learn to work with the energy of your bedroom to help resolve your ongoing sleep issues.

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 SLEEP is Essential to Your Quality of LIFE.

You deserve to wake up everyday feeling RENEWED.  If you've had long-term patterns of struggling to fall asleep, stay asleep or sleep deeply, and you feel like you've "tried everything" but are still sleep-deprived, this class is for you.

Our home environments hold an incredibly strong energetic influence over our sleep, health and aging process, much more than most people realize.

This is why my Environmental Healing approach often feels to people like finding the missing piece of their health puzzle.  There is so much more in your control than you may know.

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I'm offering this class to show you what's possible for your sleep and quality of life across the board when you look at your life through this lens.  

Especially as more and more studies reveal a strong link between poor sleep and declining health (including a higher risk of Alzheimer's),  it's crucial to do all that we can to support ourselves to sleep well NOW.  Our lives literally depend on it.

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In this live class you'll...

  • Learn¬†50+ commonly overlooked energy issues in bedrooms that may be adversely affecting your ability to sleep, so that you can begin to create change naturally and feel relief quickly.¬† (You'll know which ones¬†are most relevant to you.)
  • Explore how¬†you can¬†mitigate the issues¬†to align the energy of your bedroom with¬†quality sleep and health, so that you can give yourself access to better long-term wellness and a higher quality of life.¬†¬†(Many of the possible steps are easy, free or low-cost.)
  • Develop¬†deeper awareness of the energetic influence of your home environment on your subconscious thoughts and behaviors, so that you can effectively and holistically address any negative patterns that may be limiting your potential for solid sleep, strong health and vibrant aging.
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Logistical Details:


DATE:  Saturday, March 9th

TIME:  12:00-3:00pm PST 


BRIEF ACCESS TO REPLAY:  You're encouraged to join live, but a recording will be made available as soon as possible.  Once posted, you'll have access for only 48 hours.  You'll be asked to create an account at checkout to later access the replay. 

PRICE: $222 USD (Limited time offer:  Get a 25% discount with  code 'SAVE25', valid only through Mar 3rd at 11:59pm PST.)  

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 Accelerate deeper healing by working with energetics: 


  • Contributes to a nourished and regulated nervous system
  • Reduces tension, anxiety and insecurity
  • Supports establishing healthier habits and lifestyle, and achieving personal and professional goals and dreams
  • Aligns with¬†a more positive outlook on life and higher quality of life
  • Accelerates physical, mental and spiritual healing through increased energy levels, higher vibration and deeper resonance with¬†personal surroundings
  • Promotes greater harmony and reduces friction between household members, supporting more peaceful and intentional daily living
  • Reduces overwhelm, indecision and attachment in the process of decluttering, decorating and maintaining¬†the home
  • Supports healing shame and guilt by improving sense of self-worth, self-love and self-empowerment in all areas of life

(The list is endless, really.)

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This class IS for you if...

  • You or another mid-later life adult in your home has been struggling long-term with patterns of falling asleep, staying asleep or sleeping deeply (whether or not there have been¬†any formal diagnoses).
  • You recognize that the effects of¬†your sleep deprivation have been draining your joy and¬†rippling out to other areas of your life (i.e. disconnect or tension in relationships with family and friends; clarity, motivation or alignment in your career; ability to make or sustain healthy lifestyle choices; neglecting¬†your physical, mental and spiritual health; limiting your productivity and daily function, etc.).
  • You value holistic perspectives and natural approaches to healing, health & wellness, and are committed to discovering more ways to support yourself on your healing journey.
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This class is NOT for you if...

  • You have a closed mind when it comes to holistic perspectives, ancient wisdom and natural approaches to wellness.
  • You're in coaching, healing, health¬†or¬†home-related industries and are looking for more content to bring to your clients.¬† (This limited space is reserved for those personally struggling with severe sleep issues.¬† You may refer your clients directly instead or reach out for possible collaboration.)
  • You're looking for support with a child's bedroom.¬† (Please book 1:1¬†consults¬†or wait to hear about a child-specific bedroom class in the future, since much of the content is different.)

Feedback from Past Clients & Students:

"I can't believe the difference in my husband's sleep after we made the changes you suggested in our bedroom!  It's so amazing!  Thank you!"

- C.C.

"... Her sleep issues had been going on for over a year prior to the changes in her room, so I was both surprised and delighted by the immediate improvement we experienced after making what were fairly minor adjustments to the bedroom..."

- B.B.

"... I'm now the healthiest I've ever been, exercising, eating well... and I believe that the improvements in my physical surroundings contributed to improving my overall mindset and sustaining a more healthy lifestyle... "

- T.H.

Live Class (+ 48 hrs access to replay)

$222 USD

Major Credit Cards & PayPal Accepted. Additional fees may apply.

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Please Note that This is a Final Sale.

Refunds are not offered.¬† If you have any questions¬†about this class, please feel free to¬†send an email prior to purchasing to: [email protected]¬†.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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About Sara Fletcher

Sara is a brain tumor survivor, lover of holistic healing and seer of beauty and possibility in everyone and everything.  As a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner specializing in health and self-actualization and a Certified Senior Home Safety Specialist, she combines her professional trainings with her natural skills and studies in design and personal development to create offerings that promote authentic beauty, deep healing and empowering lifestyle structures. She is the Founder of Love Home Life and brings a totally unique blend of heart-centered resources to support conscious, vibrant living and self-actualization through mid-later life.

Sara smiling, revealing her partial facial paralysis, wearing a beige sweater, and sitting against a beach grass in the background

A unique opportunity for next-level healing.

This class and the Love Home Life approach to Environmental Healing may offer the catalyst you've been waiting for to dramatically upgrade your sleep quality, overall health and quality of  life.  (I don't know when it will be offered again, so please don't wait if you're truly struggling.)  It's my hope that you'll come away feeling inspired and empowered to create positive shifts for yourself long-term.


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The information displayed here and in this class is for informational and educational purposes only.¬† Know that it is being offered by a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner and Senior Home Safety Specialist¬ģ, and not by a medical or mental health professional or sleep expert.¬† No information offered here or in the class should be construed as medical or mental health advice.¬†¬†It is always recommended to consult directly with a professional to¬†get support with your unique challenges and circumstances.¬†

All testimonials on this website are the thoughts and opinions of the person making the statement, and do not create any guarantee by me that you will achieve the same results.

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