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Here's a bit about who I am, who I work with and why I do what I do.

My Background

I'm a brain tumor survivor, lover of holistic healing and pretty much obsessed with discovering what magical possibilities lie waiting to be discovered and set free within each of us.  Beating the odds in my own extreme health adventures, solving and  healing my numerous medical mysteries and overcoming my greatest insecurities have led me here to share what I've discovered along the way:  that we are SO. MUCH. MORE empowered in our healing and growing when we work with the lens of energetics.

As a highly sensitive person, interpreting energy comes fairly naturally to me and has led me to become a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner specializing in health and self-actualization, as well as a Sacred Womb Wisdom Mentor.  With natural skills and studies in interior design and organization, and past work as an artist and local-art boutique owner, I have a love and gift of resourcefully weaving together authentic beauty and empowering order.  (Hello Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine energies!)

As an ongoing student of holistic health, astrology, spirituality and aging-in-place as well, I bring forward a totally unique blend of compassionate resources for conscious, vibrant living and self-actualization through mid-and later life.

Photo of Sara smiling while sitting under a palapa in Mexico

Why Mid- and Later Life?


Well, I'm IN it and so are most of my friends, family and clients!  I've become more recently passionate about working with those in this age group because I can FEEL what's possible for us all when we set ourselves free of past conditioning and subconscious limitations.  It's time to nourish our quality of life NOW, awaken to what's possible for us, and position ourselves to optimize vibrancy, self-actualization and independence through mid- and later-life.

With experience in older-adult caregiving and a recent certification as a Senior Home Safety Specialist¬ģ, I can now also offer consultations¬†to support caregivers and older adults in¬†nurturing their joy, vitality, safety and independence through the lens of their inner and outer homes, and lifestyles.

A photo of Sara from behind on a backpacking trip, standing on a mountain top and looking at the lake view below.

My Way of Life

I love nature, travel and adventure, and I'm naturally drawn to slow living, small towns, small islands, quiet places, water, trees and tropical flowers.  I'm a California Coast native living in the Santa Cruz Mountains (about 15 mins from the beach!) with my husband of 23 years, two young-adult kids and two ridiculously funny cats, Curtis and Lewis.

A LOT of my time is spent hiking, camping, backpacking and beach walking, but I haven't always lived such a nourishing lifestyle.  Nurturing my physical health and my inner and outer environments through the lens of energetics is what has afforded me the most magical, yet simple everyday experience of connecting with the Divine guidance within and merging my dreams with my reality.  I have more natural and consistent energy, confidence, peace, abundance and pure joy now than I have at any other time in my life!  It's clear to me that I'm here to support as many others as I can to experience the same.  It's our birthright to heal and self-actualize, and I am living proof that those energetics are more readily available than we've ever been led to believe.


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