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Become (and create) your own paradise in your mid-later years, from the inside-out & the outside-in. 

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Well, hello!

I'm Sara Fletcher

and I'm in love with energetics.  If you're looking for a unique and holistic approach to optimize physical, mental and spiritual self-healing through mid- and later life, I can help with that! 

Through working with the energetic relationships between our (1) inner selves, (2) external environments and (3) lifestyle, we can naturally accelerate access to deeper levels of healing, higher quality of life and "unrealistic" blooming potential.  Is there anything better that we can hope for ourselves and each other as we grow older?

A photo of Sara in mid-life on vacation in Bali, wearing loose linen clothing and a straw hat, standing on a stepping stone surrounded by water and a lush landscape.

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Free Intro Class

Access my free "Sacred Living" intro class to learn how the energetics in your home environment influence your healing and blooming potential.  You'll also learn how to make your own Feng Shui Bagua Map to begin creating some positive shifts in your home and lifestyle!  These are foundational teachings that can offer valuable insights about your home and life, whether considering self-study or working together privately.  (Please contact me directly for access to a version with CC, audio & transcripts.)

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Clients redefining their relationships with their homes, themselves and their ways of life ... and setting themselves free.  (The excitement is mutual!)

‚Äč"Sara was wonderful to work with.¬† She offered suggestions that were easy to implement right away, then followed up with additional ideas that could be done over time.¬† The passion she feels for what she does is obvious, and that makes the process
‚Äč positive and fun."


- T. W.


‚Äč"Sara is amazing!¬† She's so easy to talk to and I never felt judged in spite of sending her completely untidy pictures of the space I needed help with....I want everyone I know to know about 'Love HOME Life' and what Sara is doing!¬† I can't wait to share her work with friends and family."


- C. M.


‚Äč"I wanted to thank you so much for setting things in motion for us and our home.¬† Everything has shifted for us in terms of my work, my health, our marriage and our home.¬† I feel like this was the catalyst... us making intentional shifts in our home.¬† I am amazed by how powerful this work is."


- S. M. T.


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Why Does it Work?

Because my energetics-based approach to vibrant living works from the inside-out AND from the outside-in, we can accelerate deeper levels of healing and harmony in every area of life.  Beautiful possibilities await when we weave together ancient wisdom, modern science, mystery, magic, fun and LOVE.

A photo of Sara in the tropics, smiling and revealing her partial facial paralysis.

About Me

The resources I create have been shaped by my personal journey of healing and blooming, client successes, intuitive gifts, personal experiences in holistic health and senior care, and formal trainings in Feng Shui, Sacred Womb Awakening and modern-day Aging-in-Place. 

May they help you to protect your vitality and to live fully and freely in the beautiful truth of who you are.

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Disclaimer:  All testimonials on this website are the thoughts and opinions of the person making the statement, and do not create any guarantee by us that you will achieve the same results.