Liberated Living Meetup Groups

Drop-in support groups for conscious decluttering, liberation and attunement in mid-later life

Current Theme, Schedule & Pricing

This isn't your standard household clutter conversation. 

This is decluttering for the soul.  This is about learning how to clear and attune the energies you live with, inside & outside of yourself.

A new opportunity to join in powerful conversation: mid-life home decluttering and design as a path of deep healing, self-actualization & freedom lifestyle. 

This is a space to break old patterns that no longer serve, and to explore and honor the powerful energetic connection between your environment, embodiment and lifestyle. 

A primitive sculpture centerpiece of 7 people set against a jungle background

Through organic conversation and self-inquiry, you'll get closer to your own sacredness, the part of you who can find trust and stability during ongoing change and letting go.  The part of you who consciously chooses a better quality of life and has a deep knowing of what's a right match for you.

No experience or pre-requisite classes necessary. Bring any questions, challenges, celebrations and/or insights about your home and what you're experiencing in life.  This is an organic and open group conversation with the opportunity to receive support in attuning your surroundings to your Higher Self.

Current Schedule, Themes & Pricing

~ $11 Drop-in Rate ~ 

(You'll be asked to create an account at checkout.  Prices, dates & details subject to change.)

Divine Decluttering 

A Spiritual & Practical Approach to Home Decluttering in Mid-Later LIfe

Thursday, June 27th
(5-6:30pm PT)

These meetups are a new offering and opportunity to gather in ongoing  conversation. Whether you'd like to join once or join every time, you are welcome.  No experience or class pre-requisites necessary. 

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