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My husband Simon and I are thrilled to have merged our passions and skills to run a travel advising business together!

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Strategizing and booking travel plans for maximum joy, peace & beauty.

Simon and I both LOVE travel, outdoor adventure and natural beauty, and found that our natural skills merged perfectly to help others have the kinds of magical, enriching experiences that we do.

I find my joys in photography, quiet reflection, sharing my writing and finding beautiful places to stay.  He is the logistical master, travel strategist superstar and Certified Travel Advisor, in love with the process of researching how to position people in the best possible places at the best possible times, always with the best use of their time and money.

Because of this we don't just have standard trips;  we have SPECTACULAR trips.  And we can help you have them too. 

Sara & Simon on vacation at a beach in Indonesia

Couples, Families, Groups & Solo Travel Planning

A fresh and vibrant plate of breakfast served next to a pool lined with palm trees.

Specializing in tropical regions, California & Croatia, we honor a range of budgets, whether you're looking for help planning a glorious camping road trip or splurging on a luxury resort or cruise with every amenity.

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Some Photos from Our Recent Travels...

A peaceful tropical horizon with crystalline teal water and a brilliant blue sky.
A beautiful bedroom in Bali with ornately carved walls and a net canopy.
A hammock tied between two palm trees on a tropical beach.
A silhouette of a monkey walking along a railing with a beautiful peach sunset beyond.
A tropical scene of cliffs and clear brilliant water in Indonesia.
A beautiful green and brown butterfly resting on a tropical patio.
A view of an island filled with palm trees, surrounded by clear, teal water.
A vibrant pink, gold and blue sunset over the ocean with a reflection mirrored in the sand.
A tropical underwater scene with vibrant yellow and rainbow fish swimming.

You deserve to experience the beauty of travel, inside & out.

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(As a side note, Simon also happens to be a fantastic virtual math and science tutor for students in middle and high school, in case you need that kind of support and stress reduction in your family's life too. You can learn more about him and reach out about that here.)