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Discover the Healing Power of Home

An empowering, energetically- attuned home is often the missing piece of the puzzle that so many discover when on a healing journey.  Working with the energetics of your environment can facilitate breakthroughs in physical, mental and spiritual health, and can help you become more consistently available to the kinds of positive change and growth that you seek.  

Love Home Life is a holistic wellness service honoring your internal and external environments, and lifestyle.  To be clear, this is not a service for superficial, project-based decluttering, organizing and decorating; this is a path of deep, ongoing holistic healing and self-actualization through the lens of the home.  

It's naturally a journey of finding, protecting and learning to live everyday by the guidance of your own inner light while cultivating a  harmonious relationship with your surroundings.

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Current 1:1 Offerings

 (Updated July 2024.  Prices, details and availability subject to change.)

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Home Assessment + Support Packages

The following services require photos/videos (and ideally, floorplans) of your home.  Contact me to inquire.

Icon of a queen-sized bed

 Sleep Quality/ Bedroom Energy Assessment

Are you or a partner struggling with sleep issues (i.e. falling asleep, staying asleep, or sleeping deeply)?

Get insights about the energetics of your bedroom, along with a healing protocol to create space more supportive of quality sleep and improved mental & physical health. 

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Home-Health Assessment w/ Healing Protocol

Are you or is someone else in your home struggling with ongoing health issues?

Get insights about how the energetics of your home may be holding these in place, along with customized recommendations to support accelerated healing, health and growth in all areas of your life.

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Discounted Bulk Packages for Ongoing Support

Additional healing sessions are available beyond your initial package for ongoing support, in the same way that you might need to continue evolving with the support of a fitness trainer or therapist. This also may be necessary or recommended for larger homes and/or supporting a deeper, longer lasting transformation.

Icon of a magnifying glass inspecting a home

New-Home Energetics Assessment & Mitigation Protocol

Get insights and recommendations on new homes (or home plans) before or after moving in. 

Identify primary energy issues and receive suggested mitigation protocols to support health and wellness. These insights can also help narrow down future decor choices. 

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Who I work with

My typical clients' concerns & reasons for seeking this kind of support:

Common Issues:

  • Illness and injury
  • Weight loss, nutrition, fitness (sustainable lifestyle change)
  • Sleep quality
  • Relationship health (existing or desired)
  • Kids' well-being and strained family dynamics
  • Career¬†confusion, stagnation or transition
  • Insecurity, low confidence
  • Lack of visibility or recognition
  • Financial health
  • Lack of self-love and worthiness
  • Mental health (depression, anxiety, addiction, stress, loneliness)
  • Lack of spiritual connection

Common Backgrounds:

  • Feel like they've¬†tried everything to overcome a problem or break a pattern
  • Feel they aren't naturally able to¬†interpret and work with energy¬†to create a nourishing home environment
  • Value the depth and complexity of holistic healing modalities and¬†don't expect a "quick fix"
  • Feel overwhelmed by and have a negative relationship with their home environments
  • Are committed to their¬†path of personal healing and self-development
  • Want to improve quality of life and create more empowering, harmonious spaces in their homes.


You can visit my page on Diversity and Inclusion as well, to know that you are welcome.

Benefits of Working 1:1

Customized energetic protocols for accelerated healing & growth.

Photo of an old wood window with an ivory curtain panel pulled to each side and a view of lush green trees.

Transformation Inside & Out

The Love Home Life approach will help you to let go of old programming that makes you think of your home as a place full of projects that scream at you and a never-ending list of chores and to-do's that make you feel overwhelmed, ashamed or inadequate. 

Over the course of our working relationship you'll begin to feel a softening in your relationship with your home and in yourself.  Through baby steps, you'll see and feel your surroundings evolve to become a nourishing extension of, and expression of, your Authentic Self.

The more you connect with your home in this way, the more you discover and honor yourself.  You begin to live more in your Higher Truth and you experience the beauty of that from the inside-out AND the outside-in.

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Client Story

Knowing where to start, what to do and WHY makes a difference in your healing journey.

"Before" & "After" Energetics

From a Feng Shui perspective EVERY part of your home is energetically influencing your well-being.  This client wouldn't have ever thought to put effort into working on the laundry room, but given where it was located in their unique home and the way it was energetically holding in place certain kinds of negative patterns in their life, it became a higher priority space to work with.  What followed were steady, RADICAL, long-term improvements in my client's mental and physical health.

We were both thrilled to initiate such welcome breakthroughs from the outside-in and the inside-out (and we did it on a low budget)! 

A collage of 5 photos showing a mess of junk piled to the sides of laundry machines "before" and a beautiful, organized, inviting scene after with curtains, plants & a hanging rack.

How do we address the isssues?

We flow fairly organically in our conversations, and they may include any or all of the following elements to create a healing shift:

An inviting outdoor covered space with gauzy ivory curtains, tropical plants and a rustic wood table

Reimagine Spaces


We explore how spaces and belongings might be used in new ways and develop visions to better support daily function, flow and a healthier, happier, more harmonious way of living.

A set of antique pewter hand mirror and hairbrush on a rustic white tray



We work with energetics to find empowerment and liberation in letting go, through breaking old patterns, developing new habits and rituals, and embodying a new version of you.

A close-up of handmade rug fringe



We aim for energy attunement with decor (not trends). We choose consciously what to keep and what to bring in that honors your unique essence (even on a budget).  

An organizational seagrass basket



We develop resourceful organizing solutions that promote ease, simplicity, flow and empowerment in your daily life.  We aim to use what you have as much as possible and to find affordable, resourceful solutions.

A peaceful scene with a decorative water fountain and plant

Heal & Harmonize


We use Feng Shui as our holistic guiding lens to invite energetic balance, harmony and alignment into your home.  This supports a healthier, more conscious relationship with yourself, your home and your family. 



Together we can use conscious communication and the lens of Feng Shui to support natural harmony and compromise when navigating changes in the home.  (This works well for getting everyone on the same page!)

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Logistical Details:

Here's how to get started and what to expect with video review photo/session types:

Step 1

Send me an email to get the conversation started, and we can set up a time to chat.  You'll have a chance to share with me your challenges, concerns and desires regarding your health, life experiences and home.  This information will help me generate a free environmental healing tip for you (even without seeing your space), and we'll get a sense of whether we'll naturally work well together going forward.  From there we can see which package option feels like the best fit.

Step 2

Once we find a package type and length that feels like a good place to start, I'll send you a client agreement and invoice.  After signing and submitting payment you'll receive soon after more details about sending photos, videos, and ideally a floor plan that I can review. 

You'll get to schedule your first 45-min Healing session and begin our working relationship together.  (These sessions tend to feel both therapeutic AND fun!)

Step 3

Once you've redeemed all the sessions in your initial package you may choose to continue your environmental wellness journey with ongoing, regularly scheduled sessions for attuning your environment to ongoing change, vibrant health, self-actualization and safe aging-in-place.  This ongoing supportive structure and relationship honors the need for continual deep transformation and serves a holistic approach to long-term wellness.  

A Few Client Testimonials:

Quotation Marks icon

"I can't believe the difference in my husband's sleep after we made the changes you suggested in our bedroom! 
‚ÄčIt's so amazing!¬† Thank you!"



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"I'd had various health issues over the years, mainly related to unhealthy habits... I'm now the healthiest I've ever been, exercising, eating well and getting long overdue check-ups, and I believe that the improvements in my physical surroundings contributed to improving my overall mindset and sustaining a more healthy lifestyle."


Quotation marks icon

"Thanks for all your help!  My son is super happy with the changes we made and is sleeping so much better already!"

- K.W.

More Testimonials

When you nurture your home, it nurtures you right back.

Here's another set of "before" and "after" photos from a client's home.  He experienced dramatic upgrades in his mental and physical health after working together, AND he now enjoys his home and everyday quality of life more than he ever thought he could.  (Once again, all of it was done very resourcefully and on a very low budget.)

THIS is the power and beauty of Environmental Healing.

A "before" photo showing an uninviting, plain backyard deck with minimal furniture & an empty pergola.
An "after" photo showing the same deck transformed into an oasis with outdoor rugs, curtains, colorful accents, and more furniture.
Another "after" photo showing the outdoor deck space at night with twinkle lights and lanterns lit, creating a glow in the new curtained pergola.

Are you ready for beautiful change, inside & out?


Use the button below to reach out by email and get the conversation started.  We can determine if we're a good fit to work together.  If so, I'd love to help you find more freedom and peace in yourself, your home and your way of life.


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Disclaimer:  All testimonials on this website are the thoughts and opinions of the person making the statement, and do not create any guarantee by us that you will achieve the same results.