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I'd way rather pay YOU to spread the word to friends and family than pay Facebook & Instagram to run ads.

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Want to work together, help your loved ones overcome challenges with their health and homes AND earn some ridiculously easy extra income in the process?  

When you sign up for my affiliate program you'll earn 25% commission on every sale you bring in AND you'll get to offer your loved ones a 10% discount on their registration.

I'd love to have your help, I'd love for you to have extra money coming in, and I'd love for your loved ones to get the help they need to feel better. Share links with ease and integrity + relax = earn easy money.  Win-win-win!

Here's How it Works:

Step 1

When you sign up as an affiliate you'll create an account and receive a unique registration link for the class.  You can then share it on social media and/or email.  Your link offers people a 10% discount when they sign up through you, and it tracks your commission totals.

Step 2

People you know who've been struggling sign up to get the help they need.  (Sleep, health & home challenges are incredibly common in mid-later life, so chances are high that you have at least 1 connection on social media or email, if not 10+, who will relate and click.)

Step 3

You'll be able to see at any time in your affiliate portal how many people have clicked and signed up through your link.  Approximately 1-2 weeks after the class ends you'll receive a Paypal payment totaling 25% of the sales that your link brought in before registration closed. 

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How Much Can You Earn?

 Potentially hundreds to thousands of dollars in commission.

For example, when you share your unique registration link for a class priced at $222 USD, you'd be able to offer a 10% discount to those who sign up through your link and you'd earn 25% of the total sale per person. There's no limit other than class size, so don't hold back!  (The commission examples below are rounded up to the nearest dollar.)

  • 1 registrant = $50 for you
  • 2 registrants = $100 for you
  • 3 registrants = $150 for you
  • 4 registrants = $200 for you
  • 5 registrants = $250 for you
  • 10 registrants = $500 for you
  • 15 registrants = $750 for you
  • 20 registrants = $1000 for you
  • 25 registrants = $1250 for you
  • 30 registrants = $1500 for you
  • 50 registrants = $2500 for you

You'd Be a Great Affiliate if...

  •  You love sharing unique, holistic resources and helping others to find ways of improving their physical, mental and spiritual health.
  • You've been looking for a quick and easy way to bring in some extra income that feels in integrity with your values.

  • You'd like to see more money passed through the hands of individuals rather than continuing to feed large corporations.

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Hi!  I'm Sara Fletcher.

The resources I create have been shaped by my personal journey of healing and blooming, client successes, intuitive gifts, personal experiences in holistic health and senior care, and formal trainings in Feng Shui, Sacred Womb Awakening and modern-day Aging-in-Place.  May they help you to protect your vitality and to live fully and freely in the beautiful truth of who you are.

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