Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

Created by Sara Fletcher, DBA Love Home Life

Last updated: May 13, 2024


To keep these intentional, shared spaces feeling safe and supportive to everyone involved, we, as members and moderators, agree to honor the following guidelines:

Your Energy

You are responsible for the energy you bring to this space.  Please bring your openness, kindness, sensitivity, strength, patience and compassion for yourself and all others.  We are all learning and evolving on our own timelines, and our exchanges with one another serve a unique purpose for us all.

Conversation Topics:

Currently we have specific conversation topics under "Threads."  We'll adhere to those for the most part to support our own and each other's focus and integration.

No Promotions without Invitation

This is generally not a space to promote your or someone else's goods or services.  There may be, on occasion, an invitation to share what you make or what you do, and in those circumstances, it will be allowed.

Private Messaging:

Private messaging is currently allowed between members for the purpose of strengthening¬†connection and support, but it is not moderated.¬† If messaging between members becomes uncomfortable for any reason, please reach out to me directly at¬†[email protected]¬†to share your concerns.


At this point, I handle all the moderating of this community and every other facet of my business by myself, so if I'm slow to respond or don't know how to do something, please honor why that may be.  I will do the same for you!


What I contribute to this space comes from the guidance I receive from my inner connection to Source energy.  What happens here will be ever-evolving as I honor the guidance I receive, and I encourage you to honor that for yourself as well.  We are here to practice finding inner safety and trust in change throughout our journeys of healing and self-actualization, so I will be continually assessing and aligning the content, structure and functionality of the space to both express myself and to honor the desires of the community.


Ongoing membership to Haven requires agreeing to these guidelines and the Terms & Conditions of my site at  Membership access may be revoked at any time, at my sole discretion, if I feel you haven't fully committed to these community agreements.