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When Things Don't Go Your Way, Feel into Feng Shui Jul 18, 2024

I thought I'd share a fun, recent, personal Feng Shui tale, and perhaps it will inspire you, your home and your lifestyle in some way.

There's a deck off my bedroom that I had always imagined would become a personal oasis, but in all the years we've lived in our home, that particular space had not yet held that exact energy until now. 

Up until last year when our bunny passed away, she had lived on that deck for ten years, and although we loved her tons and it was HER...

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Do You Give Yourself FREEDOM to Change? Feb 22, 2024

Two weeks ago I didn't even have a blog.  One week ago I didn't have plans to travel anywhere anytime soon.   How did change happen so quickly that I am sitting under my own private, dreamy palapa in Mexico today, at this "home away from home," surrounded by lush tropical greenery, warm breezes and butterflies, and writing a blog post?


That's the speed of aligned (and magical-feeling) change I'm experiencing on so many levels.  Everything came into...

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